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News Forum - 17 protest leaders name in complaint with Lumpini police


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Legal action is being pursued by a legal activist against 17 leaders of pro-democracy protests that took place on September 3 and 4. The complaint was filed with the Lumpini police, today. The protests in question took place at the Ratchaprasong intersection and were set up by the United Front of Thammasat, the Thalu Fa group, and the Re-Dem group. Secretary-general of the Association for the Protection of the Constitution, Srisuwan Janya filed the complaint with the Lumpini police. The complaint alleges the protest leader violated the emergency decree of 2003, the Communication Disease Act of 2015, the Land Transport […]

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This legal activist must be a pawn for the government.. always making complaints against demonstrators.. I think he should buy himself a leggo give him something more constructive to do

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1 hour ago, Thaiger said:

17 protest leaders name in complaint with Lumpini police

Sorry to nit-pick, but "17 protest leaders named in complaint with Lumpini police" would be much clearer.

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44 minutes ago, AlexPTY said:

every time i hear that there are so many "leaders" of anything, i think, it's just a herd of sheep 

What have you got against sheep ? Equating Thai males to them is highly insulting to them 🙂

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It is nice to see groups of people out protesting, even during Covid times; it puts lie to the notion that the current government enjoys widespread popularity. That said, I truly don't understand why the protestors act as they do; short of a 'Bastille-like' storming of the battlements of Parliament, it isn't going to work.
In a country so fixated on money, why don't the protestors focus on economic targets? I am sure everyone will recall the disinvestment campaign against Apartheid in SA. American members of a certain advanced age might recall that while Rosa Parks was truly a hero for her intransigence, it was the economic boycott of bus companies that really had an effect on the American South and their 'Jim Crow' laws. There are numerous, lesser-known economic campaigns that have occurred globally to quite good success; Chile, Nestle, MLB/Professional sports in the US, etc.
I am not sure exactly who among the business elite are the prime supporters of the current government, but I am sure that it is known. Why don't the protestors target those companies? Economic boycott, in a society that values money so much, is a powerful tool. Further it has never been easier to organize a campaign like that in the days of Social Media; a person can reach huge numbers almost immediately. Finally, it is guaranteed that it would be noticed immediately; a 15 minute 'Flash Mob' or 'Picket Line' blocking a company entrance from 8:45 to 9:00 AM would be headline news. A 10 minute 'Flash Mob' or 'Picket Line' blocking MacDonald's at 12:00 would be all over Social Media by 1:00 PM. A public boycott campaign against a product would go viral pretty quickly; why do people still buy Red Bull? Why not have an anti-corruption campaign featuring the company? Give a company a swift kick in the bottom line and they will notice!
I am a great fan of protests and protestors, but rather than street fights and 'car mobs', they should try an economic focus; I am certain it would wake a few people up and is much more likely to create good outcomes.


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Ok, so having filed a complaint to the police where does it go from there? The police knew all about this protest already because they were there and they’re free to take whatever action they deem appropriate. I’m not sure I understand the relevance of ‘legal activists’.  It’s a bit like 10 policemen all standing around watching a car being stolen and then waiting for an unconnected 3rd party to file a complaint that he saw a car being stolen!

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