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Government accused of infighting, putting Thailand’s recovery at risk


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Both opposition politicians and members of the coalition have come out to say infighting between various government figures and organisations is putting Thailand’s recovery at risk. The Thai Enquirer carries a report in which government critics say up to 4 different government organisations disagree over the best way out of the pandemic. The Centre for Covid-19 Situation Administration, the Bangkok governor’s office, and the Public Health Ministry are all accused of infighting over how best to lead Thailand out of the Covid-19 crisis. Critics say such public disagreements undermine efforts to stop the spread of the virus and have also […]

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Anutin says ‘We’ll have walk-in vac centres’. Prayut, for reasons best known to himself, calls a stop to the walk-ins; maybe worried they’d use up ‘his’ Sinovac too quickly.

Little wonder that the opposition PTP leader says ‘Why didn’t they communicate with each other first before Prayut came out to belittle Anutin like that?” Fair comment!

But the world has known for years now that that is Prayut’s way . . . he must be seen to be the top man – the big guy, in his small-minded view. The longer he stays at the top, the smaller Thailand will become in the global view, I fear.

Little wonder, too now, that a major coalition element, the Democrat Party, is expressing concern so deep, regarding the ‘infighting between the party that is managing the Ministry of Public Health and the Prime Minister himself’, that it may need to review its remaining in government.

Maybe that might make the big guy think twice before he throws his weight around but, then again, maybe not.

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