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Thaiger Talk Meetup?


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Since cases are dropping and the government is dead set on re-opening/severely lessening restrictions,

Will there be a Thaiger Talk meetup for all the Thaigers??

You have to wear an aloha shirt 

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Long ago (very long ago) we used to do ThaiVisa "Piss-Ups" where George would host a party in Bangkok or Pattaya.
The idea was supposed to be that to enter, you had to log into your account at the venue to "prove" you were a member (because, after all, George was paying for it - or most of it - or some of it). Didn't want the usual "balloon chaser" crowd hogging all the free eats of course !

Was able to attend just 2 events over the years (as I was working overseas at the time). Had some good food and got to put some faces to names, but then they seemed to just stop.
(I had taken a 3 year break from posting and when I came back things had changed and no more "piss-ups".)

Not sure if it was because George had given up on them, or there were "issues" with the attendees (some people are @ssholes in real life as well as behind a keyboard) or if it was because he had sold the forum.

But that would be the problem with any meetings. A lot of people are dicks at the best of times. Get them with some other people and some alcohol and they can't wait to start waving theirs around and inevitably someone will finally decide that enough is enough and then the purses will start swinging !

(I've seen some old farts going at it in bars here and it's almost hilarious.)

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