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News Forum - National Vaccine Institute defends opting out of COVAX


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The chief of the National Vaccine Institute spoke out defending Thailand’s decision to forego the COVAX vaccine programme as the government comes under renewed fire as part of the ongoing censure debate. He maintains that Thailand is better off without the program. PM Prayut Chan-o-cha and the members of the ruling party in the cabinet are currently facing a vote of no-confidence during a 4-day censure hearing, with the mishandling of the Covid-19 pandemic as a major focus of the debates. While Thailand was riding high as one of the countries with the least Covid-19 all last year, the government […]

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A few things.

Joining Covax does not prevent a country from procuring more vaccines independently, it just allows them to buy at a lower price as Covax centrally buy huge numbers early on, on behalf of countries with limited means. It also doesn't mean they can't still accept donations. I can't find that Thailand would be paying more and Covax is very open about pricing.

Pharmaceutical companies do not have one price-list, but they tend to charge according to the purse of the buyer and negotiation. They make big profits in rich countries and very small profits (or even losses) in poorer ones. Thats why AZ in India costs on average $2.72, for Covax $3.00, for the EU $3.50 and for Saudi Arabia $5.25 for exactly the same product. 

230m have been supplied to 139 countries, but weighed according to need. Not 230m / 139. Some countries received 2m, some 30m. And most was delivered ages ago.

I understand the face-saving tradition. But would it not be better to say: yes, with hindsight we made the wrong decision. Sorry. Traditions were shaped over time. Perhaps they need reshaping?

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I think it has got to the stage where nothing is believed coming from those in charge The covax deal was free for developing countries such as Thailand and would have made a huge difference , and saved lives.

Change of government is essential for the survival of the thai  people & economy....

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if they are so great then why does Thailand have the lowest full vaccination rate in SE Asia apart from Burma? (they are in civil war, almost)

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