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News Forum - 140 million Covid vaccines expected this year, says Government


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Up to 140 million Covid vaccines are anticipated to arrive in Thailand this year as the nation pushes to vaccinate more residents, says a government spokesperson today. The spokesperson adds that the pandemic is showing some signs of easing. Currently, Thailand is struggling with the Delta variant which has proven more transmissible than the Alpha variant. Although Covid cases are still high, it’s likely they will go down, says Thanakorn Wangboonkongchana. As the new cases seem to be slowing, the government announced that they will ease restrictions in Bangkok and 28 other high-risk provinces. The eased restrictions will see the […]

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Dreamer you know that your a dreamer 

Well, can you put your hands on your head? Oh no 

I said, dreamer your nothing but a dreamer 

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Thailand is worldwide one of the very best in wishful thinking. If it would be true, that Thailand receives up to 140 mln. doses of vaccine this year, there would be no reason to plan to start vaccinating the youth and children from next year, as it was posted - they could do it this year. And they could start planning the recovery of tourism now.

But maybe there are negotiations, that countries like Germany will give some of their vaccine oversupply... It could be a game changer for Thailand. I hope so, but up to now I doubt.

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If I knew that I'd have 140m vaccines before 31/12, I'd shout it from the rooftops and would give a detailed explanation as to regain trust (which is at zero).

Chances are that it's wishful thinking and that a small part of the 140m will arrive at 23:59 on 31/12 and they'll blame someone else for the delay of the rest.

And as for planning, please don't give them any ideas. They've been doing premature planning with everything and it's got us into trouble each time.

Let's get the jabs in first.

After that there is enough time to find something else they can cock-up.

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Just found out how they get 140m doses!

It's on their Christmas list! 📃

And no matter whether they were naughty or nice,

We won't get them.

The excuse will be that there's no chimneys to drop them into! 😔

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