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News Forum - Wanted police superintendent has mansion, 13 luxury cars


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Anyone who has been here long enough, will not be the slightest bit surprised about any of this. The police, immigration and customs here are pyramid schemes. They are not expected to be honest, and they are considered franchises. Their limits on income are only commensurate with their degree of creativity.

The really pathetic part is Prayuth, and his extreme failure to fulfill any of his promises. Hey Little P! Remember back when you were ranting on and on and on about cleaning the place up? The day you got into power, you had a massive case of amnesia, and forgot everything you said!

What about your promise to fight corruption? I doubt if you remember back this far, but when you and your clowns launched a coup, it was ostensibly to restore law and order, which you accomplished with draconian measures, and to get rid of the rot, and corruption in immigration, the police, customs, the government, and at the highest levels, which you never even made the slightest attempt to do. You substituted 7 foot alligators, with 14 foot crocodiles. And you have spent your entire 7 years protecting the elite, those in office, the army, the police, those who are connected, and the super wealthy.

For God's sake, you could not even bring the Dark Tao killer to justice, nor the Red Bull creep. Again, busy protecting the wealthy with all of your power. 
The real problem is, you will not go after any of these guys. Not the top bankers, not the high ranking guys, not the provincial authorities, and certainly not the army, or the police. The only people who are ever pursued are "former officials or cops". The current ones are all corrupt beyond imagination. And the level of corruption simply escalates, the further up the food chain you go. As far as most of us are concerned, everything is the same. The police and army are not expected to be honest, and they are not expected to engage in law enforcement, traffic or public safety, on any level. It is an irrevocably broken and dysfunctional system. Any hyperbole to the contrary, is just a smoke screen, intended to deceive the most naive amongst us. 




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Many years ago my sister in law, was involved with a rather dodgy Brit, while living on Samui. When she finally ditched him, he was livid, and just could not handle it. He ended up coming one night, at 3:30am, and burning down her bungalow, which was made of wood and thatch. It went up like a bomb. Fortunately, neither she, nor her 3 roommates were there at the time, or they would have either died, or ended up with major 3rd degree burns all over their bodies, which I believe was his intention.

In most countries, this would be treated as attempted murder, correct? The police were able to find a video of him racing away from the scene, at around 3:35am, as there was a CCTV camera in front of the police station, only a few hundred meters away from her bungalow. They took him in, and told him he would have to leave Thailand, and could never return. Not sure what exchanged hands, for him to not have been arrested. He was also told he would have to pay my sister in law 120,000 baht for the destruction of her gold, cash, and possessions. Same for her 3 friends. He did pay. We know that for a fact, as we were friendly with a couple of his friends. He paid the entire 480,000 baht to the police. When she went to the police station to collect, she was told that he never paid, and he was already back in the UK. But, that they had advocated for her, and made sure he could never come back to Thailand!

When she pushed, and told them that she knew for a fact that he had paid them, as friends of his told her so, she was told that her life was now in danger, and that she needed to back down, and go away, or her safety could not be guaranteed! So, her life was threatened by the cops (or what we referred to as the local mafia).

Sure, there are likely some good cops here. But, a relatively small percent. Especially on the Southern islands, which are notorious. Think David and Hannah, and the other victims of the Dark Tao serial killer. 

The real problem is, you cannot report these guys. Not to the higher ups, not to the provincial authorities, and certainly not to the army. They are all corrupt beyond imagination. And the level of corruption simply escalates, the further up the food chain you go. They are not expected to be honest, and they are not expected to engage in law enforcement, traffic or public safety, on any level.

It is an irrevocably broken and dysfunctional system. Any hyperbole to the contrary, is just a smoke screen, intended to deceive the most naive amongst us.




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Who wants to place a friendly wager on whether or not his "punishment" will be limited to a transfer? He will not be prosecuted, and if he is the charges will be dropped, he will be made to pay a small fine, or he will be acquitted.

This extremely toxic and spectacularly corrupt administration does not have the moral, or ethical nature to go after active cops here, and even if they tried, the judiciary is not honest or impartial enough to convict them. The system is irreparably broken. They are in place to protect their own, not convict them. All (active, not former!) police, immigration, customs, cabinet members, and administration members are totally above the law. Any and all laws. If you want to see just how corrupt this place is, look no further than the case of Thammanat the heroin dealing politician. Oh, I forgot it was just flour. The Aussies do not have the lab equipment to tell the difference. LOL.


Opposition politicians urged Thailand's constitutional court to declare the minister "unfit for office". But in a ruling on Wednesday, the court rejected the complaint.

The court said it did not recognise Mr Thammanat's conviction because the verdict was delivered in Australia, a foreign country.

"The verdict of any state only has effect in that state," the court said. Therefore, Mr Thammanat "is not prohibited from holding office" under Thailand's constitution, the court said. The ruling meant that Mr Thammanat could remain a member of parliament and keep his post as a cabinet minister in Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha's government.



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8 hours ago, MTa449 said:

C'mon.. You seriously believe he can afford all that" Bling Bling" on a police chiefs salary, shake downs and drug money dude ! 


3 hours ago, Malc-Thai said:

A report I heard today was from his ex girlfriend saying, he had over 250 million in cash! because he didn't trust banks.. with all of his assets and this alleged 250m it certainly wasn't from tea Money. He was supposedly good at stopping drugs from entering the country.. its more likely he was part of the cartel to amass that amount of assets.. maybe threw in the odd bust of drugs and while they waving flags and a photo op pointing at the drugs seized 10 x  that will come in at the same time but a different area. He no doubt will not be alone in his work its how many they actually can bring down before he actually really goes missing!...Only my thoughts but again this is not from tea miney

Some twenty years ago one of the police I knew here was a Special Colonel (equivalent to a Brigadier in the Army, but even the Thai Army thought the police had too many Generals).

He was in admin, and doing the same job he'd been doing for years, first as a Captain, just going up the ranks.

He wasn't involved in drugs or in any direct backhanders, but as he went up the ranks so his share of the tea money went up.

His last promotion had cost him a million baht, in order to get a bigger share.


This guy's money wasn't tea money.

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Now every Senior cop in Thailand is sh..ing and trying to hide their ill gotten gains before their life styles go public.  Hope they check out the Army top brass also, they are no different just different uniforms.

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10 hours ago, Thaiger said:

The appalling story of the Mueng Nakhon Sawan Police suffocating a man to death while trying to extort him for 2 million baht continues with more and more shocking turns. Now details are emerging of the accused police station superintendent Pol Col Thitisan Utthanaphon’s luxury house on a large plot of land in Bangkok with 13 high-end cars. First, the superintendent was transferred to another precinct until video of the murder was posted online and immediately went viral. Today the Thai court issued warrants for the arrest of 7 of the police officers, including the superintendent, 4 of whom are […]

The post Wanted police superintendent has mansion, 13 luxury cars appeared first on Thaiger News.

Read the full story

29 luxury cars not 13


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(from the Thai PBS World link above)

"The Inspector General said incident is an “evil conduct. It is very serious. The police chief has instructed me to cut off all the cancerous fingers, immediately,” as police vowed to hunt down the remaining former officers to bring them to justice."

'Cut of all the cancerous fingers immediately,' Not sure if he is much better.
'police vowed to hunt down the remaining former officers to bring them to justice' 😠 😠 😠

Where have I heard that empty claim before? Although as everyone knows who they are, perhaps there's a small chance something might be done to 'save face' for the fat cats at the top.

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7 hours ago, colinneil said:

Laughable, thats what it is, Thai police are looking for him, ha, ha.

If they try as hard to find him, as they did to find Red bull heir, he will never be found.

Also many of his bosses will not want him found, in case he spills the beans on their corrupt activities.

They prob want him found Colin so they can silence him, that's a good reason for him to do a runner he doesn't want to be fitted with a pair of concrete trainers and thrown in the Mekong.

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8 minutes ago, PlanB said:

He should be condemned not only for distortion and murder, but also for "Liese Majesty", because he was acting as a Thai Royal Police officer.  

Too true, but I guess that was the farthest thing from his mind when he saw red. LM considerations notwithstanding, we thank you for this, your debut post!

Hello, PlanB and welcome to Thaiger Talk

Please feel free to tell us a bit about yourself in 'Introductions'. It's good to pick-up on those sometimes differing regional or geographical perspectives.

And check-out the Guidelines, too, when you get a free minute. They're there to help us all enjoy our time here.

Happy posting

King Cotton

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