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Mike must have parents that have made alternative vacation plans in Monaco, should the Phuket Sandbox not deliver. Get real man! Your parents are rich dudes who can happily afford to stay in a 5-star hotel in Thailand, and suffer the cost and inconvenience of more covid tests than any other country on the planet!

The reality is entirely different for most people, who just want a value-for-money vacation, where the bars and nightlife as thriving, as dear Jay so accurately alluded to.

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2 hours ago, Donna said:

For a light hearted moment how about a daily Thai superstition on Thaiger bites the ones I found on google were  hilarious

Yes, great idea! Could you start this topic off in General or Expat Chat, where I'm sure it will get a good return? And your debut post, too, so thanks for that!

Hello, Donna and welcome to Thaiger Talk

Please feel free to tell us a bit about yourself in 'Introductions'. It's good to pick-up on those sometimes differing regional or geographical perspectives.

And check-out the Guidelines, too, when you get a free minute. They're there to help us all enjoy our time here.

Happy posting

King Cotton

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My first trip to Thailand was a real eye opener! I had never seen so many powerlines! And buzzing with electricity so close to the ground?? Four people (Mum, Dad and two kids) on a motorscooter!! People riding in the back tray of utility cars!! An Occupational Health and Safety nightmare! Motorcyclists with no helmets or protective gear! But it was fun :) It reminded me of when I was a kid (except the low slung powerlines).

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