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Get your Tropical Health Insurance with Thaiger!


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Sponsored  Afraid you might get dengue fever or other sickness that result from mosquito-borne diseases? Don’t worry as Thaiger is now offering Tropical Disease Insurance that covers all mosquito-borne diseases. The packages we offer guards against Dengue, chikungunya, Zika, malaria, and encephalitis. We are more than happy assist you in selecting the most appropriate coverage for you and your family with our quick and easy to follow steps. The importance of Tropical Disease Insurance: Mosquito-borne diseases are one of the leading causes of severe disease and death, especially in Southeast Asia. In tropical and subtropical places around the world, one […]

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Not sure what 30,000 baht would cover, maybe something regular health insurance doesn’t cover??  I caught dengue fever in the Philippines in late 2017 and I was in the hospital for a few days with just an IV, as I was told there was no medication treatments besides IVs and monitoring temperature.  After a few days all my skin turned red like a sunburn and another doctor told me it had to do with my red blood cell platelets.  For seven days after leaving the hospital I had to get a blood platelet count, which was low, and take B12 to build up my red blood cell count.   I was told if I caught dengue fever again I will have worse symptoms and can possibly die 😩.  I read recently that there are cases of dengue fever in Bangkok right now.  I had to take doxycycline to prevent getting Malaria for 8 years while I was working in Afghanistan and also on a trip to Africa.  I know Malaria is nasty and there are a couple of types, but can be treated with drugs.  I’ve read Zika and encephalitis affect the brain, and would have to read up on treatments.  Never heard of chikungunya and need to read up on that also.  I know dengue fever and Malaria do not have vaccines to prevent, and taking a wild guess the others don’t either.

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