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Wednesday Covid Update: 20,515 new cases and 312 deaths


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20,515 new Covid-19 cases and 312 coronavirus-related deaths were reported by the Centre for Covid-19 Situation Administration. In the latest and most severe wave of the virus, first recorded on April 1, the CCSA has reported a total of 940,094 Covid-19 cases. There are now 207,553 active cases, a decline over the past several days. Since yesterday’s count, there have been 22,682 recoveries from the coronavirus. Out of the new cases reported today, 248 were found in correctional facilities. Over the past several months, more than 40,000 inmates at Thailand’s overcrowded prisons have tested positive for Covid-19. Other updates… The CCSA […]

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4 hours ago, BraveNewFahrenheit said:

Gee its really strange, the more they vaccinate the more deaths and cases. Really weird, wonder whats going on.

I don’t think it’s weird at all ?  Maybe I’m missing something?  The way I view it is that 5.2 million people or 7.5% of the population has been fully vaccinated and since April the virus has been ripping through the population. Unless there’s some Devine intervention then more deaths are bound to follow. With 7.5% fully vaccinated it’s still still got another 92.5% or approximately 64million hosts for the virus. If and when they have vaccinated around 50%-70% of the population then the link between cases and deaths should be broken.  

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There is a very real danger that the virus will become even more virulent when the mutation pressure from leaky vaccines redirects the evolution of the virus into more dangerous paths. Vaccines are supposed to teach the immune system to detect and kill the infection and that is it. No passing forward to another host.

I think that is happening in Israel currently. 3rd booster shot already given to one million but that sounds like a desperate measure. They are priming peoples' immune systems to fight with ever-increasing response against the virus but the virus will respond in kind IF it the vaccines are still leaky and give a new pathway for it to "improve".

Unlike with the rabies vaccine which is actually four or five shots within one month. Each shot primes more powerful response but it is practically 100 percent safe vaccine because no leakage.

Then there is the possibility of overreaction from the immune system killing the patient and all those nasty possible mRNA vaccine side effects. 

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