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How to obtain Marriage Visa in Thailand?


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Looking to spend time with your loved ones in Thailand? You have come to the right place as we are offering you 1 year extension of stay based on your Thai Family/Spouse. Thaiger is here to help you successfully obtain your marriage visa with our simple and easy-to-follow application process. The good news is that you won’t have to deal with bureaucracy. Your documents will be kept confidential, and our expert team can review them before submission. We will make sure that your application is successfully approved. What is required to apply for Marriage Visa: Obtain either the single or […]

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I assume you are a farang? I have done this myself 5 years ago so I know. You can also get an agent to do this too, but you will still need to supply the required documents.

1. need proof from your own country that you are not married, eg divorce papers including a stat dec from you

2. this needs to translated to english and stamped from your local embassy (your home country)

3. you need to get permission to get married from the (Thai) Foreign Affairs Dept out near DMK, the documentation must be in Thai and English, your prospective Thai partner also submits her details (in Thai)

4. you then wait half a day to see someone, get a ticket and come back again at an allotted time the following day or even a second day after 

5. if by this stage you get your official approval you then  you can go to your local Tambon and arrange for the marriage to take place, if it is out in the sticks they may well do it there and then, you will need two witnesses

6. Being from Australia I was curious to how it all worked after being quoted between 2500-5000 baht for translation and anywhere 2-4 day turn around.

7. We were from Phuket so , on my return back to Phuket from Australia with my documents, I went the the Embassy and hot them to stamp and confirm authenticity (1500b)

8, went out to Foreign Affairs Dept out near DMK just to enquire, we walked in through the glass doors and were confronted with freelance Thais saying no problem for translation also they could speed up our place in the que, I said ok how much, 2500b, so I gave him my docs.

9. we arranged to meet the next day 11am, we got there everything was in order, someone had been waiting in the que for us since 8am, we waited 20 min and went upto a window where the lady conformed all docs were in order and come back after the Thai Govt lunchtime break.

10. we returned after lunch met up with the Thai translator , he escorted us to the window we got our approval , job done, it was a pretty easy process with the help of the translator doing all the waiting around.

11. we went to the local Tambon back where her father lived to book a date , but they said since we had all the docs ready we could do it there and then and one of the officials would double up a witness, 20 min later we had our pink Thai marriage certificate, fairly easy AND I learned so much.

12. if you use an agent you will still have to supply the documents for them to submit on your behalf and you will not learn anything, hope this helps


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"Thaiger is here to help you successfully obtain your marriage visa with our simple and easy-to-follow application process...."

I immediately lost interest at that point, I would have to get married first to get a year's visa, quick where is my bike.🤣

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