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I live in phuket and locked in bangkok


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Good morning,

I went to bangkok in early July to visit suppliers.
I live in Phuket, I am french, I have a business and I just got my work permit.

On July 15 the rules to enter Phuket have changed, and I wasn’t vaccinated.
I got vaccinated on July 25 through the French embassy at bkk hospital in Bangkok.

Can I now drive back to Phuket by road so I can work, with a covid test ?
I don’t know who to contact to get a answer, can you tell me ?
I have to go back to Phuket to get my work permit and work, I’m stuck in Bangkok and desperate, and I pay extra rent here and more.

how do Phuket residents who are in Thailand go home, no media is talking about it or Thai officials. and what documents must be provided, it is apparently easier for tourists sandbox to get to Phuket than the locals themselves

thank you in advance for your answer
best regards



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thanks for your answer

you know people who have done it recently

I’d like to believe it, but the officials always answer me with this document, never by yes or no.

I’m just so afraid to stay stuck at the bridge



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