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Anti-government protesters in violent clashes with police in Bangkok


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Pro-democracy activists clashed with police in Bangkok last night in response to the authorities’ use of teargas, rubber bullets, and water cannon. Thai PBS World reports that the clashes took place at the Din Daeng intersection in the capital, following a rally organised by protest group, the United Front for Thammasat and Demonstration. It’s understood a number of activists refused to leave when protest leaders called an end to the rally around 5.20pm. Requests for protesters to go home were ignored by some, who proceeded to launch various missiles at advancing police officers. According to the Thai PBS World report, […]

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When a population feels they have no franchise, no power, no support, no hope, then the results are, inevitably they will become riotous and violent. They will resort to riots when those in power refuse to even acknowledge their plight and distress. 
The current government has turned a blind eye and deaf ear to what the youth of Thailand have been asking for and now demanding for the last few years. 
Jailing them and subjecting them to draconian measures is contemptuous and will only serve to further increase their numbers and  fuel their desperation and outrage. I fear for their safety, but so long as they are ignored and disregarded, the protests will surely escalate into further chaos, damage and harm. 
It is the government’s duty to try to understand and mitigate the problems and critiques of Thailand’s youth, continuing to ignore their pleas and punish their actions will only further alienate the people from the government. Continuing on their current path will only serve to make the government culpable for the riots and protests. 

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