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Phuket AZ 2nd jabs likely being moved up from September dates to earlier


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My wife read in a Thai language new source that Phuket appointments for an AstraZeneca (AZ) 2nd jab, are being moved up from September appointments for a 2nd AZ jab, with some appointments moved up to August.

She translated for me that for 2nd jabs for some of those (scheduled for the 2nd jab) at the Airport have been moved up to August , and the schedule changes for the 2nd jab at the Orchard Hotel in Karon are yet to come.

For example, my wife's Thai aunt, had her 2nd AZ jab scheduled for 13-September, and it has been moved up to 25-August.

I have no further knowledge on this, but I speculate over the next week or two (possibly sooner) the changes will be seen.  My recommendation would be to go to the Phuket must win web site and check one's 2nd jab appointment date there.  https://www.xn--12cmj6ba0a7b3g4a6fud5d2a.com/


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So that suggests further diversion from allocated vaccine centres to Phuket yet again solely to try and save face, never mind the lives of the other people.

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Add to the 1st post of mine .... -  My wife noted it was for the elderly ... so those who are not considered elderly and did manage to get AZ for a 1st jab - she did not see it mentioned they would have their 2nd jab appointment moved up.

Which does not mean it will not happen - she just didn't read it.  

Again, my recommendation is over coming week or two, to regularly check the Phuket Must Win website for appointments (especially if you are age 60 or older).

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