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Tunisian Citizens Protest Against Immigration


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Tunisian Citizens Protest Against Immigration – €1B Deal with EU To Curb Migrant Ships Leaves Tens of Thousands of Sub-Saharan Africans Stranded in Mediterranean Coast
May. 20, 2024


Unchecked mass migration is one of the key geopolitical issues of our days, one that mobilizes passions both in the US, the EU and most of the Western world.

But now, the troubles of illegal migration are starting to affect other parts of the world, with Eastern Europe up in arms against it, and even in North Africa, where citizens in Tunisia are protesting against it.

Hundreds of Tunisians marched through the coastal town of Jebeniana to protest ‘the presence of sub-Saharan migrants’.

These unwanted guests have found themselves stranded on their way to Europe, as the country ramps up border patrol efforts.

Anti-migrant anger is mounting as the Tunisian coastline became a boarding place for thousands of people hoping to reach Europe by boat.

Associated Press reported:

“Chanting slogans to oppose settling migrants in Tunisia, protesters demanded the government act to assist agricultural communities dealing with thousands of migrants living in tarpaulin encampments among their olive groves.

‘You brought them here and it’s your responsibility to send them back to their home countries’, Moamen Salemi, a 63-year old retiree from nearby El Amra, said at the protest. ‘There is a shortage of food throughout the city of El Amra, including sugar, flour, bread and many other items’.

A final stop for many who dream of a better life in Europe, Jebeniana and El Amra reflect the compounding problems facing Tunisia, a key transit point for migrants from Syria, Bangladesh and a variety of sub-Saharan African nations.”

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