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Applying for a Yellow Tabien Baan (House Book)


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How to apply for a Yellow Tabien Baan (House book) and (pink) Thai ID card for foreigners.

Under the Civil Registration Act 2 (2008) a foreign can register his details at his local Amphoe in order to apply for the above forms of Thai ID for foreigners.

Section 9. The following shall be added as paragraph two of Section 12 of the Civil Registration Act B.E. 2534:
“To be useful for civil registration data storing and using, governmental organizations whose work relates to personal data of people without Thai nationality within the Thai Kingdom shall refer such data to the Director of Central Registration as requested.”

Section 10. Paragraph two of Section 14 of the Civil Registration Act B.E. 2534 shall be repealed and replaced by the following:
“The registrar shall proceed immediately when accepting such applications under (2). If the application is denied or partly preceded, the applicant shall appeal to the provincial registrar, the Bangkok registrar or the Director of Central Registration within 15 days from the day of acknowledgment from the registrar.

Under this Act, a Yellow House book can be issued to any foreigner meeting the requirements, regardless of his marital status, or living situation.

First and foremost, you must have the permission of the person named as 'Head of Household' in the Blue house book to use their address for registration. They have to attend with you to sign the consent application form.

Original Documents.
1. Passport.
2. Certified (Embassy) copy of your Passport, translated into Thai, then the certified copy and Thai translation legalized by the Legalisation department of Thailand's MFA.
3. 2nd Passport Photo for application form.
4. House owners Blue book and ID card.

1. Passport Home Page.
2. Passport page of current Visa or Extension.
3. TM6 (Departure card)
4. House owners Tabien Baan (signed with contact number)
5. House owners ID card (signed with contact number)

You should first check the exact requirements with your local Amphoe office as requirements can vary throughout Provinces within Thailand.

After successfully obtaining your Yellow Tabien Baan, the Amphoe should then also issue your (pink) ID card for foreigners, after taking a thumb print and photo.

The Yellow Tabien Baan and ID card should be issued FOC, although some Amphoe's charge a small administration fee.
Procedures and requirements can vary from each Amphoe office.

The above information is for general guidance only and you should first check with your local Amphoe for their personal requirements.


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