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Do you believe in UFOs and Aliens?


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This is one subject that has always fascinated me. Have we been visited by aliens from other galaxies and, if so, how advanced do you think their technology is?

Are they living here on Earth amongst us? And, if so, are they the ones trying to rule over us?

Have any members had any personal encounters in the past that they would like to share with us?

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This topic can receive so much abuse.

I've not experienced any form of extraterrestrial activities in my life and neither do I hold extraterrestrial real estate.

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I don't believe we are alone in the universe. That would seem to be staggeringly impossible, just considering the sheer numbers of other galaxies and stars.

Have we received visitors from any of them?  There is lots of anecdotal evidence that some things not of this time and place have occurred.

Are they visitors from another planet?  Think of the technology that would be necessary to travel thousands of light years (or more).  There would have to be some kind of teleportation or wormhole or quantum travel involved.

Another explanation of these phenomena might be visitors from alternate universes.  They don't actually come from far out in space, but our own space, yet from a universe that is parallel to ours and which may have patches or leaks allowing visitors or travelers.

I have seen videos and reports from experts that can't be explained with known, present-day technology.  I've personally seen something that I couldn't find an explanation to.

Are there actually UFOs and extraterrestrial visitors? I think the possibility is there and the evidence is mounting.

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Remember that "UFO" does not necessarily mean "alien".

It simply means an "Unidentified" object that is flying. Which could be a piece of debris caught up in the wind. A piece of an old satellite (or rocket) that is falling to earth and didn't completely burn up in the atmosphere. And so on and so on.

I've seen "dust devils" in Afghanistan pick up plastic cans and pieces of wood and lift them a hundred meters into the air. (Plastic lids work great too. In fact, the lids on my garbage cans look remarkably like oval "spaceships" with a dome on top, if you look at them at just the right angle, from far enough away, as though they were flying through the air.)

As for Aliens. I have zero doubt that life exists on other planets in the universe. There are far too many galaxies, solar systems and planets for us to be the only ones. It's actually rather ridiculous to think ours is the only planet that has formed "life" and the idea that it is comes from uninformed, uneducated and (often) very religious thinking, where "god" created this planet and the life on it.

It's taken (approx) 13 billion years for our planet to form and for us to evolve to the state we are in now. However, life could have evolved earlier on other planets, just as it could have also been "extincted" millions of years ago (like the dinosaurs here).
On some planets, conditions may be were micro-bacterial life is just starting to form.

The issue is the distance between solar systems. We get tricked (by movies mostly) into thinking that travelling from one Solar System to another happens almost instantly, while travelling between galaxies may take a bit longer (like a whole commercial break even !), and travel from one end of the universe to the other may take 2 episodes !

In reality, the closest solar system to ours is 4.37 light years away. So, travelling at the speed of light, it would be 4 calendar years to get there. (1 "light year" equals about 9.46 trillion kms so the closest system to ours is about 41.3 trillion kms away.)

To get an idea of how long it would take us (now) to get there. The absolute fastest spacecraft ever built by man is a probe (the Parker Solar Probe) which reached a speed of 532,000 km/hr while zooming around the sun.

At that speed, take a wild guess how long it would take to get to the next nearest solar system ?
If you said approximately 8,870 years, you'd be correct !!

And the idea of being able to "warp" time and space or use some form of "interdimensional" travel is the stuff of science fiction.

And of course, there is no guarantee that "life" on other planets would evolve the same way we did. Remember, there have been at least 5 (and maybe as many as 20) "mass extinction events" in the last 400 millions years alone, with the last one being around 65 million years ago (that wiped out the last of the dinosaurs).

Without those "events" where would "we" be now ?
Little slimy worms crawling in the mud ?
Or living gods with telepathic and telekinetic powers ?

For alien life to "discover" us, they'd have to develop faster than light (FTL) travel and then still spend hundreds, or thousands, or even millions of years travelling from solar system to solar system looking for life of some kind (either intelligent or human).

That's assuming they are even in the same galaxy of course !!! The next closest "galaxy" to ours is over 25,000 light years away !!!

So it may be some time before ET comes knocking at our door !

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