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Hua Hin Maya Club execs get 3 months for superspreader event


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Many people living in Thailand long term grow weary of the persistence of action without consequence, especially for those that are well connected or with deep pockets. But a new ruling Hua Hin gives credit where credit is due and sentenced 2 executives of the Maya Club in Hua Hin to 3 months in prison plus fines for the illegal concert they held that was directly linked to over 1,000 Covid-19 infections. As the nation was besieged with Covid-19 infections in the earlier stages of the pandemic, many outbreaks were unavoidable or at least unintentional or law-abiding. But some outbreaks […]

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Totally a joke, my friend was arrested with 8 grams of marijuana and had to post bail of 500,000 baht. He faced two years in prison and a fine of 200,000 baht. The case was ultimately dropped and the bail was returned. However, the lawyer has kept the bail money claiming it as a fee and is now being sued for its return. Where is the balance?

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38 minutes ago, Graham said:

This makes no sense, why such a small fine and small amount of bail, this is a joke.

The bail depends on the likelihood of skipping the country.

If a sentence has been imposed, albeit appealed, then that's a hell of a lot more than has happened before in similar cases.

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Sounds to me like the real boss/es got off free of charge. The real boss/es being the owner who paid the Police, Govt and the 'Execs' who managed the show.  So the paid Officials get a reprimand and a transfer, and the Management gets sent to jail (bailed), but the boss/es get away free and keep their profits.  Same Same - Different Day.   

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11 hours ago, thai3 said:

Sentenced to 3 months then the article says 'They were released on 30,000 baht bail now' Why out on bail if sentenced?

Because people with money hardly ever go to jail. They will look upon the 30,000 baht bail as a donation to get the the 3 month sentence changed to a suspended sentence.

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Thaiger has written (And Hua Hin loses a party spot as the Maya Club venue itself was permanently closed, forbidden to be used again as a bar or club).

Maya pub is open now with a different name. Same location, same furnitures, same pub.

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