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News Forum - PM Srettha’s surprise visit to Yala province sparks tourist frenzy


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Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin, flanked by a cadre of ministers, paid a surprise visit to Yala Province yesterday, igniting a blaze of excitement aimed at boosting the region’s tourism. This high-stakes visit, part of an expansive tour spanning Pattani, Yala, and Narathiwat, aims to catapult Yala’s tourism sector into the stratosphere, setting a bold target … …

The story PM Srettha’s surprise visit to Yala province sparks tourist frenzy as seen on Thaiger News.

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Eventhough it is good that the PM is trying to promote Southern provinces for tourism, the reality is that no tourists other than those from Malaysia will go there. One of the main reason being none of the Thai insurance companies are providing travel insurance coverage to the deep south. Even passing via that region is also not covered. How do one expect to travel there without such coverage?  

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I live in the "deep south" province of Songkhla.  As a non-Muslim, I won't visit the other three for the simple reason that more than 13,000+ (last numbers that were easily seen) have been indiscriminately killed.  Even in Hat Yai, we've experienced their violence and some years ago, one of the farang I worked with was killed in an explosion.

Even today, there are some buildings that won't allow me to park my CNG car inside because of the "danger" presented by the strategies of the insurgents.

I remember, when working in Northern Malaysia a few years ago, that my van back to Hat Yai traveled through Yala.  I strongly remember the agitation and anxiety of the driver and some of the passengers as we traversed the province.

The idea that this is going to be a "tourist destination" will only happen after the mislead insurgents realize that they aren't going to get their own little Muslim caliphate by secession from Thailand, nor does Malaysia want them as part of their country, as they've stated before.

I've never understood why or how they think that this violence will get them their objectives.  It will never happen and this part of the country will remain poorly educated, with poor economies and fewer opportunities for improvement or progress of its citizens.

I think Srettha's visit and his promises of "tourist money" is nothing but smoke and mirrors to placate the people of the area.

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