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News Forum - Thailand unearths lithium and sodium, amps up as EV battery hub


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Thailand discovered two significant deposits of lithium and sodium, key ingredients for electric vehicle (EV) battery production, marking the country’s stride towards becoming a central and primary production base in the region. Radklao Inthawong Suwankiri, the Deputy Spokesperson for the Prime Minister’s Office, revealed that the Ministry of Industry’s expedited exploration led to the discovery … …

The story Thailand unearths lithium and sodium, amps up as EV battery hub as seen on Thaiger News.

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People better start asking where is all the energy going to come from to charge all these batteries.  Secondly, how much damage to the environment is going to take place mining these minerals? Third, who has a monopoly on the minerals? Fourth, just how long before we run out of the minerals. Fifth, while there are claims of be able to recycle the minerals, what is the real truth? Sixth, there is a company in America that has a process of making lithium powered devices harmless including the EV batteries. Seventh, takes a lot of water to process lithium. Got water to spare?  Eight, the electrical requirement to supply electricity at one single commercial charging station in order to recharge only one vehicle in one hours time, uses enough power to supply 120 homes for a month. Just read the label at the charging station.   I could go on and on but the bottom line is EV's are destine to crash at some point and sooner that you think. Great idea on paper and yes we have made great strides with them but people better wake up to negative side of the issue. It's bigger than you think. If you haven't been watching, even Elon knows there are issues that have yet to be solved. Toyota has an experimental car and system that works on hydrogen. Just my two cents nothing more.

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European Union sales of electric vehicles are down due to:
1.High purchase costs at €30.000 - €40.000
2.When electric cars crash they have a higher damage cost than conventional cars
3.All electric cars on the road belong to subsidized company cars and they are not private cars of citizens.
4.A big problem is the subsidies because the car companies will advertise a discount of €5,000 - €7,000 but this money will be collected from the state budget and added to the national debt of the states.
In other words, citizens will pay for the reduction of the national debt from their taxes so that other....citizens can go for a ride.
The already "red loans" (unpaid loans) will be increased because the citizens of the countries will borrow money from the banks to buy a car.
In particular Countries with high public debt the "red loans" (unpaid loans) will be increased furthermore red loans will be increased with the establishment of private universities.
United States have total $1.5 trillion red student loans and are owed by a total of 42 million students.
In addition, students who have red loans in universities owe a median of $450,000 - $500,000 in mortgages on the housing market.

Do you know mathematics? 

In few words :Two wrongs is not equal to one right!



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A couple of points. The investment in EV’s should be directed more towards motorcycles and tuk tuk’s in Thailand given their popularity. And the batteries for these types of vehicles need not be as large as those that power most of the cars on the road presently.

To Thailand’s credit they have continued to upgrade their rail network in BBK, sadly in many of the regional capitals rail travel is non existent, both locally and between cities. Any environmentally friendly on transport must include these elements to be successful.

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