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Sun Dawu, a controversial billionaire, has been sentenced to 18 years in prison in China.

Andrew Reeve

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A renowned Chinese businessman has been sentenced to 18 years in prison, the latest in a long line of sentences handed down to outspoken business leaders.

In the northern province of Hebei, Sun Dawu owns one of the country's largest private agriculture firms.

Sun, 67, has already spoken out on human rights and politically charged issues.


He was found guilty of "picking Quarrels and causing disturbance," an accusation commonly leveled against campaigners. Other charges against him include trespassing on farmland, gathering a mob to attack state agencies, and preventing government employees from executing their tasks. A fine of 3.11 million yuan ($478,697; £343,227) was also imposed on him.


Sun's corporation is one of the largest in China, with operations ranging from meat production to pet food to schools and hospitals. He and 20 relatives and business associates were reportedly imprisoned last year over a property dispute with a government-run farm. According to an AFP article at the time, he claimed that scores of his employees were injured in a confrontation with police over the dispute.


Sun is claimed to have friends with some of China's most renowned political dissidents and has previously criticized the government's rural policies. He was one of the only people to publicly accuse the government of concealing an African swine flu outbreak that hit his farms in 2019 and wreaked havoc on the country's agricultural sector.

Source: BBC





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The CCP (Chinese Communist Party) works ruthlessly to protect it's own image and prevent any kind of dissent from starting up. It knows it's grip on the people is fragile and despite the size of it's military, they'd never be able to commit widespread "Tiananmen Square" massacres around the country without provoking a civil war.

They also don't like the idea of anyone being in a position to challenge them for power. Someone like a super rich businessman who may know that the CCP is full of ****.

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