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HI All

Long time, no yap. First, Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays to everyone.

I haven't posted in a very long while, but I figure that the Space Junkies out there need a fix; it has been a truly amazing time for discovery and thus also for a review.

12 of the most exciting black hole developments of 2023. I have often said that any time you come across an article about Black Holes, especially Super Massive Black Holes or Ultra Massive Black Holes, you should stop what you are doing and have a read.


13 record-breaking space discoveries of 2023. We are in a golden age of discovery with Hubble chugging along, the other scopes doing their thing and, of course the Biggest of them all, the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST). a quick look at some of the record-breaking...


I am certain that other sites will also do their 'End of the Year' reviews of space issues; keep an eye out.

Besides the general list(s) of all the discoveries, there are a few specific issues/articles that stood out to me for member's reading.

Should we be preparing for First Contact? I am one of those that believe that alien life exists, but needs proof. That said, if/when we ever do meet an alien species, especially if it is intelligent, it is going to be a "WTF!!!" moment and we should prepare, just in case.


I love the fascinating ideas that come out of space research, and one of the most intriguing is the idea that our universe may be a hologram.


Planets in sync. A quick glance at our solar system reveals that our planets are, for the most part, not in sync with each other or the sun. Why not? A system was discovered (relatively) near by which fascinates.


Finally, it is always interesting to see what NASA puts out for a year end review; have a look at their site for missions to/about Earth.


Anyone else recommending articles? Special subjects of interest? Simply a "Good Space Read"?

Enquiring minds want to know!

Cheers All

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It has been such a stellar year (groan) for space knowledge that one post simply wasn't enough. So...

The James Webb Space Telescope continues to amaze; see the top fifteen images from 2023. That said, a list of the top five hundred would not be out of line.


Further to the JWST deep space images, it has provided some of the best images/information about our own solar system as well. My favourite is the focus on Uranus as it is one of the least studied planets and really needs a dedicated mission to visit.


One of the joys of year end is that each and every site puts out their own ranking of interesting stuff. While it isn't a regular place that I visit, I enjoyed Mint's rankings of key events; it includes a more international flavour and a slight focus on the business end.


The discovery of exo-planets is gaining pace (approximately 5,500+), and while currently it is usually Gas Giants that are spotted, it is simply a matter of time until smaller, more interesting ones are spotted too.


Next, I think that NASA is still the preeminent space agency on the planet (no disrespect to the others; they simply have more resources), so it is worth going again to look at some of their output.


Finally, it is the wonder and awe that I find so appealing, and it is the images that provide that awe. Have a look at sciencenews.org's top space images of all time.


Anyone want to add to the list?

Happy reading! 


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Okay, yes, I thought that I was done, but it has been such an incredible year for Space issues that I have to do one last post.

Why was 2023 such a good year for space issues?  The BBC takes a crack at that question and many members are Brits, so...


As is pretty much summed up in it's name, space.com is truly a 'go to' site for all space-related news, and it worth bookmarking on your browser. I won't claim to read articles every day, but it is a rare week where something interesting doesn't catch my eye.

Who hasn't dreamed of blasting off into space?


There is a great human expression that "the Devil is in the details" and while the solar system/planets are fascinating, there needs to be study of all the 'details' surrounding our planet and Sun.


The study of the Universe is a HUGE undertaking, but it needs to be mentioned that HUGE things are made up of many LITTLE things. Below is a great article about Particle Physics which is put into 'laymen's' terms.


 One of the great things about Space issues is that one can look ahead; the timescales involved usually means that little is imminent. Looking ahead to 2024 Astronomy events...




To sum up; 2023 has been an incredible year for Space issues and learning, building on the recent past, and looking ahead to the near future. I very much doubt that anyone will look at each and every one of the links provided in this thread, but you'll be much better informed if you do.

Happy New Year to all, and I hope everyone continues to look up to the stars and dream.


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5 minutes ago, Shade_Wilder said:

Happy New Year to all, and I hope everyone continues to look up to the stars and dream.

nice change of pace this topic. Will come back later and check

Late at night, doobie in hand  looking  up from my beach deck chair.

this is the real stuff to ponder (not covid, vaccines or the latest war)

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