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News Forum - Why Chinese tourists snub Thailand: New favourites revealed


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After 26 years of catering to Chinese tourists, a tour guide finds himself amid a revolution as travellers from Taiwan, India, and beyond take centre stage. Thailand, hopeful for a Chinese tourism resurgence post-pandemic, faces an unexpected plot twist as a surge of Taiwanese visitors, in particular, reshapes the narrative. Saichon Chounchou now handles a … …

The story Why Chinese tourists snub Thailand: New favourites revealed as seen on Thaiger News.

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“Chinese tourists are concerned about safety in Thailand, and the Thai government just can’t crack the code of why Chinese have not come as much as before.”

Chinese tourists are notoriously risk averse. Stories EVERY DAY of Royal Thai Police corruption, ineptitude and out and out criminality are hardly designed to allay their fears. Here's a novel idea how about REALLY tackling corruption at all stages of Thai life starting with the government.

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“Now my clients are Taiwanese. They are regular clients and generate revenue for many local communities as opposed to many Chinese on a zero-dollar tour.”

Only problem being there is a whole lot less of them. As to Chinese feeling unsafe, this didn't help:

Thai police are taking legal action against a Chinese social media influencer for allegedly flouting visa rules, days after she came under fire for a video she made that portrayed a popular Bangkok nightlife district as being unsafe for women ... On December 5 she shared a video on Douyin while walking around the streets near Nana Plaza, an area notorious for its racy adult-themed bars. In the video, Wang suggests the area is unsafe for women as she films what appears to be several Western men looking at her. The clip went viral and was perceived by many in Thailand as criticizing the country’s image and over-exaggerating the danger. She was summoned by police days later and admitted to creating the video. She later issued a public apology, denying that she intended to damage Thailand’s reputation, officials said.


She wasn't charged with harming the country's image, but for working on a tourist visa (creating and uploading the video while in Thailand). Not sure convicting her to publicly apologize, and taking legal action against her was in the best interest of Thailand. After all, it creates some negative push back like the above article, and when reviewers of hotels and such get sued. The fact she has some 3M subscribers (which means she probably has 6m regular viewers) means this will have legs inside China. While she removed the video, it of course still exists on You tube and can be seen as other creators have used it in their content.


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