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Tips for renting a condo in Thailand


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Tips for renting condos in Thailand.


  1. If possible, try to pay 1 month’s rent and one months security deposit. Avoid the dreaded 2 month deposit.
  2. If an agent is acting as the landlord for the condo rental, make sure you see a valid power of attorney with the owners ID card or passport, and house registration. You want to make sure the agent has been given the authority to rent the condo on behalf of the owner.
  3. Make sure the lease contract is clear. Sometimes, English lease contracts are bad translations of a Thai version. This is important for clarity if there is ever a dispute. If you get a contract with an English version and a Thai version, make sure the contract states that the Thai version will always prevail, as this is the law. Make sure get a accurate translation of the contract before signing it.
  4. Make sure the contract is clear about what happens if you terminate the contract or break the lease before the end of the term. Are you responsible for the remaining months or not. If you can, try to get them to allow you to terminate the lease by giving 30 days written notice for a reasonable cause. Make sure the contract is clear about what happens to your deposit. It should be fully or partially refunded.
  5. Make sure the lease contract mentions that normal wear and tear or routine maintenance will be the responsibility of the owner during the lease and will not be deducted from your security deposit at the end of the lease.
  6. Make sure the contract states that the landlord should be responsible for repairs to the condo where the damage to the condo or the need for repair to the appliance was not the fault of the tenement.
  7. Make sure you are paying the government rate for electricity and water and it’s not being marked up by the landlord. If it is being marked up, make sure you are aware of out before hand so you can make the decision to rent or not.
  8. When your lease ends, make sure you have the agent or landlord do the final inspection while you are still there. That way you can sign a doc regarding any deductions from your deposit with no surprises later.
  9. Make sure the contract is clear on who is responsible for the condo maintenance fees. Normally, this is the responsibility of the condo owner.
  10. It’s important to know that if both Parties agree, some of these things can be left off or changed. Reasons for this are if the condo unit is in high demand. If you agree to something different, make sure it is clear on your contract.
  11. Disputes on condo rental contracts are handled by the Consumer Protection Agency and or the Civil Courts. To avoid disputes, deal with a reputable agent such as Cornerstone Real-estate.
  12. It’s important to note that most of these items are in the law for landlords  that rent  5 or more units. However, some landlords will circumvent these laws by putting additional condo units in a family member’s name such as a spouse. Therefore, when renting, you should always consider these laws as a good practice to follow no matter what.
  13. Make sure the contract states your security deposit will be refunded within 7 days after you leave. If that’s not possible due to final utility costs won’t be known, then you should agree that the remaining deposit minus the estimated final utility bills  will be returned within 7 days and then rest will be reconciled after the utility bills are received and paid.
  14. Make sure the contract is clear on whether or not you can sublet the unit. If so, do you need the permission of the landlord or not.


As a Thai Legal Protection member, one of the benefits of the membership is a consultation on all these tips and a review of your condo lease before you sign. Learn more at www.thailegalprotection.com or watch this video: 


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