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Currently trending: vaccination is a right, not a duty. That's right and I think everyone agrees. But I think it works like this with permissions. What you do is completely up to you. As long as your actions do not harm the other or take away freedoms. Nobody has that right. To keep everyone safe, we have drawn up rules together and unfortunately sacrificed many freedoms temporarily. Fortunately, a safe and effective vaccine came quickly. But lulled by the seasonal effect and taking advantage of the vaccinated half, it is now completely okay to refuse vaccines and be almost proud of it. And so recently everywhere 'It is a right, not a duty'. Nobody wants a vaccine. I was disappointed that I got Janssen. The effectiveness is less. But I want my normal life back ASAP AND I don't want to infect my loved ones and patients. The vaccine refusers are shouting loudly on social media. Disinformation flies around your ears: it is magnetizing gene therapy and they dare to compare it to concentration camps. It is time for the vaccinated majority to stand up and make themselves heard. Because I think we have a way out of this misery. It is up to everyone to choose. We have sacrificed a lot for 1.5 years to protect our elderly and vulnerable. And now there is a way out and I find it unacceptable that we close schools, cannot go on holiday, cannot go out, etc. because a minority does not want a vaccine, but expects all freedoms. This autumn there is a real chance that we will have to postpone regular care again. No heart operations again and postpone oncological care again. So that we have enough IC beds available for unvaccinated people. Timely treatment of cancer, I think that is a higher right. It should not and cannot be the case that vaccine refusers now threaten to take the entire society hostage. It is untenable that refusers are given the same freedoms in, for example, the catering industry and that vaccinated people still have no prospect of a life without restrictions. Do not close universities to all students. Open them and let unvaccinated people follow education digitally. Don't close all restaurants to everyone, let unvaccinated people deliver the food to their homes. Etc. Will unvaccinated people soon have priority on an ICU bed? I think it's unethical to send people home with heart problems or tumors in hopes of curing them in a few months, to give priority to knowingly unvaccinated. Everything apart from the enormous costs associated with an (IC) recording. Vaccination is a right. But so is free and healthy living with available healthcare! It is everyone's duty to make your own assessment and to make a conscious choice. However, the annoying reality is that you cannot have a 0.00 risk of vaccine side effect and all freedoms and eternal priority over all other ICU patients.


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