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Visa exempt entry after two 90 day tourist visas


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I am on my second 90 day SETV(finally learned that means single entry tourist visa).

Just got the 30 day extension valid until November 23, so I will have been in the country about 176 days this year. I was in Laos for 4 days to get my second tourist visa.

My paperwork for non-B visa and work permit to work as a teacher may not be completed in the time left on my visa.

If it isn't complete will I be able to leave Thailand briefly and return on a visa exempt entry (I have a USA passport)?

I have seen people have written that you can explain your circumstance to the IO (immigration officer), but others have told me not to mention anything about a job when entering on visa exempt.

I don't want to get stuck outside of the country and jeopardize my job offer.

ok, so after all that, the question is

After two consecutive 90 day SETVs will I be able to leave Thailand for a short time (2 or 3) days and return with a visa exempt entry?



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The new regulation that its being imposed is that you can enter 2 times on visa exemption in 1 calendar year over land and over air. Before this was slightly different and over land only. Now, what I am going to tell you actually goes for all entries to Thailand as a tourist. Immigration officers have complete discretion over who enters Thailand. Even if you have a valid visa, you are not guaranteed entry. 

When you enter Thailand as a tourist, if the officer does not believe you are a legitimate tourist, he will question you. Whether or not you are over your allowed entries as a tourist or not. Therefore, if you are stopped and questioned, there are things you can prepare to minimize your risks of being refused entry. The first one is to be able to show proof of a return flight or onward flight. The second thing is to be able to prove you have travel funds. Carry 20,000 Baht or equivalent in foreign currency for this. Next, be able to show proof of accommodation. Finally, if you do visa runs and border runs, you can lower your risk if you enter often as a tourist by using border runs agents or visa run agents. They make prior arrangements with the land border immigration to allow their customers to enter. 

Now, how will you know if you will be stopped and questioned? You won't. Immigration may stop you and question you for one or more of the following reasons:

1. Your travel history into Thailand.

2. Your appearance 

3. your age 

4. Your nationality 

5. If they are in a bad mood that day 

You will never know. Therefore, use these tips. Some guys enter as a tourist more than the allowable times and immigration never says a word. Others often get questioned. 


Finally, consider signing up for Thai Legal Protection. Learn more at:www.thailegalprotection.com or watch this video: 


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