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TM30 advice (again :) and Visa stamp

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In Thailand (Nonthaburi - near Bangkok) since Sept 20 and my Visa stamp expires Oct 20.  I may not leave the country for a short trip (and get new stamp on arrival) so I am looking for a service to get the new stamp here (heading back to USA on Nov 17).  I found a place nearby - Visa Extension (in IT Square) - and good reviews on how easy it is however some mention that they did not need a TM30 (some say they did).

I am staying at different condos (using AirBnB) and my current owner says they do not submit a TM30 unless my lease is over 30 days (which I am not).

Does it cost the owner to submit a TM30?

So can I complete a TM30 myself online?

If I can complete a TM30, what do I need (e.g., receipt)?    I only have the reservation notification in AirBnB.

Can I use a past AirBnB receipt or does it need to be my current residence (i.e., the place i am staying a the moment I complete the Visa renewal application)?

Assume maybe best to get this done a week or so before my current stamp expires... correct?



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Forgot to ask.,... when is proper time to renew?   Do i need to be closer to my current expiration or can i do it now (9 days in) as my current landlord will give me a TM30.

I recall they just tack the 30 says onto the end of the current expiration date..... so I get 30 days added to Occt 20.

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Too complicated.  I read this twice and I still don't understand your post.  Go get an agent, as you are clearly confused and now, so am I.  Get an agent. 

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