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News Forum - Informant fears for life after exposing drug cartel and corrupt officers


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A police informant, known by the alias Jang Talat Phlu, has taken to the Sai Mai Tong Rod (Sai Mai Must Survive) Facebook page, renowned for its help during Covid-19 lockdowns, fearing for his life. He alleges threats from both a police gang and a drug cartel he exposed. Jang claims that a deputy chief … …

The story Informant fears for life after exposing drug cartel and corrupt officers as seen on Thaiger News.

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Well, what a SURPRISE that police is involved in drug trade...


Personally followed close a case in Pattaya, where a foreigner was dumb enough to deal small amounts of drugs to Thai users, and of course was caught. In the investigation the police was never inerested where did he bought the drugs he dealt with... Hmm. Why was that...;-)

I cannot but laugh to those pathetic foreigners who brag how "my wife's bother is the biggest police in Biliburi" or "I was drinking with the supercaptain of police of "Kiggaburi", etc.
Like it somehow raises their ego and personal status to have something to do with these CLOWNS?!

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Talk about getting caught between A rock and A hard place.   The term “corruption”. is synonymous with the RTP.  Nothing will be done because it’s ingrain in the very fabric of authority in Thailand. But who can fault the police since they see local and National politicians doing the same,  but only at a bigger level.

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