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Watching Isan's new rice crops growing . . . well, someone has to do it.

King Cotton

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Hi, King Cotton here and, as per usual, sat at my bedroom/office desk, looking out over a most beautiful expanse of Isan livelihood, about 20 sq km of newly seeded rice paddies.

A week from now, the new shoots will appear and what are now muddy lakes will become vast emerald green rice paddies.

It may not sound exciting but, to me, here in rural Isan, when I'm not slaving over the keyboard, writing a sure-fire winner of a political thriller novel, it's worth a small fortune.

Now, where did I file the damn thing?spacer.png

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Good afternoon King Cotton and very interested to hear more about the thriller you are writing as my favorite genre is crime fiction and can i recommend Jonathan kellerman the author of the Alex Delaware series.

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Sorry, Andrew . . . still getting used to this new dynamic in my life and didn't spot your reply.

And, as for you wanting to hear more about my writing project, you might just regret saying that, since the now-finished work amounts to some 146 pages. But, since you'd like to hear more, here's the brief essence of the story and my reason for wanting to write it:-

Many Bad Words - a political thriller by King Cotton

Intentions behind the work:

A fictional work, not so much about Thailand’s politics as about the way Thai politicians think, respond and behave during the many and varied governmental issues and scenarios that they confront and attempt to address and put to rights.

In essence

From bad-mouthing the Thai PM on an online news forum, I get hired as his PR adviser and, after pausing the relationship due to being sickened by his electioneering ethics, I get close again but, in a cruelly two-faced sort of way, plot to restore his major political threat, Chanaphol (my fictional character, based upon Thanathorn!), to viability; initially by scheming his winning the next election, four years ahead, or, as things turned out, by plotting and to effect an overthrow of the ‘evil’ regime.

A brief synopsis is all ready and waiting to be forwarded, should you insist (:-).

I have to confess to not having come across any Kellerman titles but I will Google them, now. Thanks for that!



PS      "Don't forget that synopsis," he shouted, after tossing a rock at the potential reader . . . just to make sure he got the message.

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Congratulations King Cotton and you have certainly got your head down with no writers block and produced 146 pages and I would be very proud of that.  Fingers crossed when finished it will get published as i very much will want to have a read of it.

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Thanks, Andrew . . . many good words, in your case.

Regarding publication, I am quarter-way through yet another proof-reading, just to ensure that every single sentence is as good as I can make it. I submitted the novel as a competition entry last year and was a wee bit miffed that it didn't even make the short list. But, rather than give up on a story that my kids (!?!) have said they really like, I'm giving it another polishing, before submitting it to as many publisher's agents as are willing to look at it, with a very optimistic view towards proper 'paper' publication.

I know for sure, having already published three e-books, that I could e-publish it on Amazon Kindle but I also know that, in the face of the almightily massive choice that the potential reader has on there, there would be virtually zero chance of selling a single copy. That said, should you wish to provide a 3rd opinion, I'll e-mail you the full shebang, upon your asking. Not sure how you're fixed for reading time, the best I can say is that, given the current Thai political set-up, Many Bad Words will go down quite well.

Going through the big range of Kellerman works as we speak. I see they get quite good reviews.

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Yes, OK, How should I send it? I guess with you having all the Admin wherewithall, you'll know of an alternative way to me sending it as a Word doc attachment by email. Even at 146 pages, it's only 408 KB so will send as an attachment, no probs. 

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