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News Forum - Thai woman seeks online help after Satanic relationship turns violent


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A distressing tale of abuse and threat came to light when a young Thai woman turned to the online community for assistance through a Facebook livestream. In her broadcast, she recounted the harrowing experience of being physically assaulted by her Satanist boyfriend following a visit to a fortune teller. The situation escalated to a point … …

The story Thai woman seeks online help after Satanic relationship turns violent as seen on Thaiger News.

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Modern Satanism essentially boils down to the idea that sinful behaviour should be embraced so long as it doesn't violate other individuals. It's closer to religious hedonism.

This man is conflating evil or vile behaviour with Satanism and his frequent visits to fortune tellers shows a desire to abandon agency and culpability for outcomes in his life.

Hopefully the guy faces some justice in one form or another...

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A little more "due diligence" by young Thai women in the news lately in selecting boyfriends/husbands might go a long way in preventing them from......being in the news.

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What's the Satanism got to do with it? 

Until this Satanic Temple stuff, they were just right wingers disillusioned with Christianity, especially about consensual sex.

It's just Nietzschean philosophy, larping as religion. Most of them, don't even believe in Satan. Well I mean, if you doubt the Bible... 

And fear of Satanism makes more sense in a Christian country, than a Buddhist one. Equivalent would be Maraka-ism, I suppose.

The Satanic angle feels out of place. Young people in their twenties, do dick about with alternative religions. Usually they grow out of it. 

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