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Quick question regarding the Non-Immigrant Visa O-A?

Proof of health insurance is required as a part of this application, I understand that there are companies in Thailand that provide this insurance like AXA and the likes. There is also a part that says Foreign insurance certificate, am I right in thinking that I can get insurance from my home country (Australia) and as long as it covers the requirements that the Thai Government stipulate that I don't have to get the Thai insurance.

Proof of adequate finance, I am on a veteran affairs pension and my wife receives part of my pension, it says that "A bank statement in the past six months showing a deposit account with the minimum fund of AUD 54,545 or an income statement with a monthly salary of AUD 4,545" does that mean that we would need to have $9090 between us or would we get away with our combined incomes of $6850?


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Hi Rick,
If you're considering the Non Imm O-A visa, then both applicants are required to meet both the financial and Insurance requirements. 
The 3M BAHT Insurance must be obtained through either the TGIA website  https://longstay.tgia.org/ or from your home Country provided the Insurer signs the Foreign Insurance certificate, which may present a problem. Foreign Insurance cert.pdf 
To commit to signing it, the Insurer would have to be familiar with the Thai Resolution of 2019?

Have you considered the Non Imm O visa?

I suggest you read these topics, then come back with any questions.


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G'Day Faz,

It does seem that the Non Imm O visa would be the easiest to apply for, but in your posts it mentions that there is a Non Imm O multi, I don't seem to be able to find that application in either the Thai embassy website in Canberra of the Thai Consulate in Sydney.

Our reason for wanting multi entry is that we would like to travel to some of the other close by countries, I guess this would help with the extensions. 

Is it also a requirement to have a return flight? I can't remember if we did when we went over to do the language course as it was 5 years ago.

Thanks for your help mate,


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