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Eye Glasses Prescription for Zenni


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I am in need to new glasses soon.

Where to go to get a prescription in Phuket that I can use to buy from Zenni (great after sales service as well as price), last time I had it done at Rutnin in Bangkok.

I have tried Bangkok hospital Siriroj, hey offered me a check up packager 13xxBaht which is a good idea to do but when I checked they would give eye glasses prescription they said "no only visual accuity test", can I pay extra for that? "Need to make an appointment with the glasses technician", ok how much, "see what the Dr says after you had the eye health check package". I tried a couple of places in Central but they wanted me to choose the glasses etc first do and don't give you the prescription, I can't blame them for not wanting to do it for free but I'm willing to pay for a good accurate test.

Had  bad experience a few years ago I went to 2 eye doctors private clinics in Phuket, 1st gave a prescription, (even charged me extra as he said it was a difficult prescription) turned out it was miles off. The 2nd diagnosed me with a serious condition incorrectly which is why I went to Rutnin - again this was incorrect.

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I am in Pattaya so my suggestion won't help you but I found the same thing.  I finally found a quality optometrist at Euro Optic who would do the test for 700 baht.   I called numerous places and most would not give you the prescription.  I had one ophthalmologist who only used the laser refraction and then gave me a bogus prescription from it.  I finally had success when I said, I don't want glasses made here in Thailand.  I don't trust the quality  I will pay for the exam. 

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