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Quotes From Berlusconi RIP


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Silvio Berlusconi, the Italian former PM who overcame various scandals to hold office four times, has died at 86.



Another figure to pay tribute was Vladimir Putin, who called Berlusconi a "true friend". In a statement the Russian President said he had always admired Berlusconi's "wisdom" and "ability to make balanced, far-sighted decisions".




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With the death of Silvio Berlusconi yesterday, I thought that a link to some of his quotes might be interesting- if that's the correct word. 😁


OCT 2022: Despite anger in the West over the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Berlusconi stood resolutely by his old friend, President Vladimir Putin: "Putin for my birthday sent me 20 bottles of vodka and a very sweet letter. I replied with bottles of Lambrusco and an equally sweet letter."

Some of his errm..sayings, are a little strident, & might offend  gentle readers...😅😅😅


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What a character he was!

I recall a conversation I had several years ago where I said "I love this guy!" and my Italian friend piped in "I'd love him too if he wasn't Prime Minister of MY country!".

One thing that has always bugged me; what the hell is a "Bunga-Bunga" party? I like to think that I have experienced a great many things in life, and I have, but I have no idea if I have ever experienced a 'Bunga-Bunga" party or had "Bunga-Bunga" sex.

If I have, I am sure that I enjoyed it.

If I haven't, then I want to, ASAP.


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