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News Forum - Thai paediatrician worries about Grade 5 textbook encouraging bad eating habits


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A Thai paediatrician worries that a Grade 5 textbook is encouraging bad eating habits.  A recent controversy has sparked public debate involving a Thai language textbook for Grade 5 students discussing simplistic and potentially unhealthy meal suggestions, and a paediatrician has expressed deep concern over the limited worldview and nutritional value presented. The textbook contains …

The story Thai paediatrician worries about Grade 5 textbook encouraging bad eating habits as seen on Thaiger News.

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Whilst I see the good doctors point about eating healthy, I don't see too much wrong with eating eggs, vegetables & rice, for breakfast. 

With 4.4 million Thai people living below the poverty line, perhaps the author is putting a positive spin on things..?

It's probably all they can afford to eat.


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This regressive approach to education, dictated by some groups still lagging behind, is detrimental to our society.”

He is about two to three generations before his time.

I nearly have a fight everyday over my 1-year-old granddaughter's diet.  They want to give her eggs cooked in oil. I can cook eggs oil free in a variety of ways. She loves them all.

Getting hints of "cook more" on steamed boneless fish filets also from adults.

On this one, I was asked at Lotus checkout how do you cook frozen boneless filets of fish?

She came on invitation and watched how I cook them, and she is a regular drop in friend now.

Daughter in law is 7 months gone with the second child so have planned a few years in a healthy kitchen.  We have left over plates after meals, but they are cleaned by morning.



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