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News Forum - Bangkok police building razed to the ground by fierce blaze


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A Bangkok police building that stored thousands of official state documents was razed to the ground by a fierce blaze in the early hours of this morning. About 50 firefighters dashed to the Fifth Division of the Central Investigation Bureau (CIB) on Sathorn Road to tackle the fire. Fortunately, there were no casualties because of the …

The story Bangkok police building razed to the ground by fierce blaze as seen on Thaiger News.

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Often wondered where the stacks of paperwork and repetitive copies we all make and submit to Immigration Police alone, winds up, and how long the retention period is.  There was a recycling initiative several years ago at my Immigration office, casually reusing the back/blank side of passport copies for other customer service purposes.   I once received a 1/2 page of paper from an I/O, and on the back side was a complete copy of a British national's passport photo and personal information page, although seems that practice didn't survive very long. 

Irony is not lost on me when it takes a few hours and 1/2 ream of paper to process my same old same old annual extension of stay in Thailand, much of the data and paper copies are repetitive to what they already have in their database.   And when the I/O is finally done fiddling around with various stamps, staples and paperclips, and logs my case # into the hardbound biblical looking scroll to make it official, he or she returns seamlessly to the year 2023 by ordering some noodles from the other end of town, delivered in 30-odd minutes by a GRAB delivery motorbike, and then sends a photo of those noodles to a friend on the other side of the planet instantly, and then buys something from Bangkok via Lazada, paid for instantly with on-line banking or an App. 

The contrast is striking, as are the piles of paper sitting in an archive warehouse somewhere.  They are making progress toward efficiency in some areas, which is great, but I've long thought more dramatic improvements are unlikely until the current dinosaurs in charge finally retire out, and younger folks more at ease with technology, move into those top leadership positions.

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Looks like many investigating cases could end up stand still should there are critical documents in that pile. 

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15 hours ago, Thaiger said:

A Bangkok police building that stored thousands of ….. 

Brown Envelopes 

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