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News Forum - Man walks over ‘500 miles’ and ‘500 more’ to marry his girlfriend on Valentine’s Day


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The man who walked over “500 miles” and almost “500 more” and “to be the man who wakes up next to” his love, today arrived at his destination. Suthep “Maew” Prompjit walked 1,200 kilometres to prove true love still exists and met his girlfriend for the first time, after talking on social media for nearly …

The story Man walks over ‘500 miles’ and ‘500 more’ to marry his girlfriend on Valentine’s Day as seen on Thaiger News.

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Persistent Thai man in love with his Thai girlfriend, gets media attention, and a car donated by someone else.

I wonder if he offered his Thai girlfriend and her family a dowry.... 

Or are dowrys only for gullible foreigners to give to Thai girlfriends and their families? 

I hear stories all the time...old farang man comes to Pattaya first time for holiday vacation, meets sexy younger Thai lady, after 3rd day... mutual "I love you's" are spoken...she explains the "rules" to him... in order to be accepted by her family he must pay a very sizable dowry and commit to taking care of her and family. Gullible farang agrees... 

Advice to any foreigner with a Thai girlfriend... most not interested in knowing about your life and therefore not ask questions.. I see many foreign men here in Pattaya with Thai girlfriend of many months or longer.  Almost all of these Thai girlfriends, would not be able to write more than 100 words about the foreigner's life before Thailand. In fact they probably not even know the birthdate of her boyfriend. 

How can you say you are in love with someone if you do not care about knowing their life history or birthdate? 

And thinking you will have a happy successful relationship using Google Translate?  If you cannot speak Thai to her family, who probably don't know English, your relationship is doomed and you will only be considered to be a walking ATM machine.

Use your head and have common sense!

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18 hours ago, Thaiger said:

The man who walked over “500 miles” and almost “500 more”

….. to find Divorce Lawyer. …. Next Headline in the Thaiger.

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