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News Forum - Whistle-blower Chuwit toots against online gambling


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Whistle-blower Chuwit Kamolvisit has been tooting on his flute again. The ex-MP, ex-emperor of sleaze and current arch nemesis of organised crime throughout the kingdom, has been blowing off that PM Prayut has failed to honour two promises made when he seized power eight years ago. It’s anyone’s guess how Chuwit choose a particular two …

The story Whistle-blower Chuwit toots against online gambling as seen on Thaiger News.

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Good on Chuwit and especially good on him for pointing out all of Prayut's lies from the coup.

There is a larger lesson to be had here; it is not just the information coming from Chuwit, it is that it is being published in the media and widely disseminated. And, if it were not being widely disseminated by the media, then it would amount to S-F-A, as in Sweet F*** All.

It is authoritarian types and regimes that go after the media, and they do so not as a public service but to cover up their own corruption. Why have the libel laws in Thailand? To protect the rich High-Sos. Why did Duterte go after the media in the Philippines? To ensure that the real story of his killing spree went unpublished. Why did/does Trump and the US Right use the terms 'MSM' and 'Fake News'? To discredit the press so that when they call them out, their supporters don't believe it. Why has the British kickboxer claimed he is being 'attacked' by the media? Because the truth will send him to jail. Why has the Prayut government just introduced another media control act in Parliament? They will lose the next election and want control so that they aren't called to account for their actions while in power. Why does MTG (the US Jewish Space Laser Lady) attack the media? She does it so when she gets called out as a Lying Nutbag (quite rightly) she can then claim conspiracy. Why do people attack Twitter with terms like "Shadow-Banning"? It sounds cool and can be used as a cover for their idiocy. Why does Orban in Hungary regularly go after the media? To protect himself against accountability. I could go on naming politicians and public figures for hours, but the technique is as old as humanity itself; shoot the messenger and the message goes away.

My general rule is that anytime I see/hear someone use the expression(s) 'MSM', 'Fake News' or something similar, I assume that they are trying to hide something, and especially something nefarious. BTW, I am not arguing that the media is without fault; it is run by humans and thus contains mistakes. Many mistakes. However, a proper media environment has self-correcting mechanisms through media competition.

So, good on Chuwit, but also good on the (semi-free) Thai media for publicizing it all; without the (semi-free) Thai media, all of it would just be swept under the rug, again.

And again.

And again.

There is great truth in the old adage that...

'Sunlight is the Best Disinfectant'.

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