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Phuket Sandbox Litterbox


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So the latest news is : 

Two children aged 8 and 9 just tested positive for Covid-19, according to health officials this evening. Details are still emerging, but they are said to be members of 2 families with a total of 7 family members who arrived last week on international flights at the beginning of the Phuket Sandbox reopening. The children were confirmed positive for Covid-19 on their second test since arriving in Phuket, given on the 6th or 7th day. They entered the Sandbox unvaccinated as they are too young for Covid-19 vaccines and all their family members had been fully vaccinated already. THEY SHOULD'VE WAITED TO TRAVEL. NO ONE UNVACCINATED SHOULDVE BEEN ALLOWED IN PHUKET.

The children have been moved to the hospital and the other 5 members of both families were moved to an alternative local quarantine facility for testing and observation. [ I know if this affected me, I would be upset. Quarantine in a hotel for something that wasn't my fault after I jumped thru hoops to visit Phuket?!! ]

This marks just the second and third Covid-19 infections from international Sandbox travellers after one man from the UAE was diagnosed with Coronavirus and hospitalised as 13 others on his flight (12 of which now thought to be family members or in the same group of travellers) moved to ALQ facilities along with 7 others who came in contact with the man on the ground.

Authorities are asking people to remain calm and not panic – the number infected out of the 2,500+ arrivals is still statistically very low. Official numbers saw 25 Covid-19 infections in the first week of the Sandbox including 24 domestic transmissions, and this week in the past 3 days uncovered 28 infections, 26 of which were domestic.

To further complicate the Sandbox situation, some worrying details have emerged from a meeting of the Phuket Communicable Disease Control Committee yesterday when it was revealed that both the Beta and Delta variants of Covid-19 have been detected on the island.

Phuket Provincial Public Health Office Chief Dr Kusak Kukiattikoon reported on the 10 new infections yesterday, confirming that they mostly came from Thai people travelling overland from other regions. Unlike international flight passengers, those coming by land are not quarantined on arrival until they receive their first Covid-19 negative test results. All infected people and anyone in close proximity to them were all immediately quarantined in hopes of keeping the Covid-19 spread to a minimum and the Phuket Sandbox bubble as safe as possible.

It seems the whole litterbox thing is being run by idiots! Yes I said litterbox because from here the whole thing is starting to stick. Why not just make sure EVERYONE ARRIVING IN PHUKET IS VACCINATED/ ADULT AND CHILD!!!

I heard one woman  was quarantined and was moved to a more expensive hotel that SHE had to pay for!!!!

This is beyond ridiculous...Please Thailand...get your act together......


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13 hours ago, TonyToneToni said:

The whole litterbox thing is being run by idiots!

Welcome to Thailand, where those in power have no qualifications whatsoever.

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