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News Forum - US to form military alliance with Philippines to check China


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The United States is set to announce details of a new alliance with the Philippines and four new military bases on the island nation as it attempts to curb China’s expansion in the South China Sea. The US is keen to rekindle a former friendship with the Philippines, 30 years after they were told to …

The story US to form military alliance with Philippines to check China as seen on Thaiger News.

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PI was trying to extract close to 1 Billion a year bar fine from the US for a temporary lease of 7 years.  The Nationalistic Insurgency mood was strong, that element really wanted the Yanks out no matter what, and the Politicos were getting on board.   The Yanks offered about half the amount for 10 years.  The Filipinos had the leverage and they seemed to be enjoying the irony: 

"No Money, No Honey!". 😋

When Mt. Pinatubo blew, volcanic earthquakes and a typhoon that turned ash and sand into mud, the US Military (rightly) determined the funding needed to return the facilities to operational and habitable status, wasn't feasible; moreover with the 7-year lease term afterwhich you're (probably) out anyway.   

So the US said, "OK, Pare', you win!  We're outta here.  Chok Dee!". ✈️

I was happy for the Filipinos, even as they dug out of the ash and buried the dead, and hoped they could eventually make a go of it.  At the same time, it was a big strategic and tactical loss for the US.

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The West has made some catastrophic mistakes when it comes to dealing with China and Russia over the past 30 years. This is a small attempt to play catch up. The problem is, it’s all feels far too late. 

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Old news, as in 71 years old. Fact is the US and the Philippines have had a continuous alliance since 1951. The only difference now is the two sides have decided to reopen Philippine military bases to a continuous American presence. It’s an extension of the existing Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement between the US and the Philippines. The benefit going forward is when the Philippines asks for US support in blowing Chinese Naval ships out of the water, the Americans will be nearby. 

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