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News Forum - Drug law amendment makes 2 meth pills dealing


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In an effort to effectively combat the illegal drug trade, a law is being amended in Thailand so that anyone caught in possession of more than one meth pill will now be considered a drug dealer. Minister of Public Health Anutin Charnvirakul announced this change on Monday, stating that the current regulation has been exploited by …

The story Drug law amendment makes 2 meth pills dealing as seen on Thaiger News.

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A simple yet breathtaking mix of arrogance & ignorance served atop a rich bed of stupidity were the main ingredients used to create this recipe for prison overcrowding and corruption. Kudos to Khun Anutin, our favorite vegetable in human form.

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This Anutin guy is a joke a minute isn’t he. Talk about losing face. This guy throws eggs at himself. It’s hilarious to watch. If he becomes PM it’s going to be a roller coaster of random policies. 

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Oh boy what a complete mind dead nimrod. Now is the time to not let any BIB get near you or your pockets or wallet or purse or your vehicle for any type of search. Also do not let them into your premises without your attorney present. He talks about exploiting the law, but not how it will probably really unfold. Such a dangerous move to accelerate corruption.

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😂 Everyone is picking on poor Anut again. 

His life is hard you know, born with a diamond studded silver spoon in his mouth.

Educated by the best scammers, liars and con artists.

Do you know how much Baht he paid someone to do his exams for him at school? The teacher alone cost a small fortune and that was just Primary school.

High school was dross, he didn't know which one he went to. 

University was a blast went there and connected and never went again until graduation.

Then the family said he had to have a job. He spent thousands of baht getting people to research what that was.

He was too dumb to work in the family business, it was real and made money.

So into politics where it is all made it up as you go and he could get some influence to help the family business.

Aloha, he is a success, big building airport contracts for the family, just a minor problem though, they keep falling down. Mai Phen Rai.

Now he wants to be Prime Minister.😃


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