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News Forum - What kids want for Children’s Day – strong morals


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The most popular career choice among Thai children is teaching. That was the result of a Children’s Day opinion poll, jointly conducted by the Thai Ministry of Culture and Suan Dusit University. More than 7,000 kids – 3,000 boys and 4,000 girls – across the country took part in the survey. The poll shows 15% of …

The story What kids want for Children’s Day – strong morals as seen on Thaiger News.

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3 hours ago, Thaiger said:

What kids might mean by ethical content is anyone’s guess, but it probably doesn’t involve pulling the wings off butterflies.


I dislike articles containing ellipsis-like statements (e.g., I prefer the implicit statement above to be made explicit and supported by facts), but dislike set aside, I can't disagree with what's not written in the quoted part.

In the past and for the foreseeable future, Thaiger remains one of the run-of-the-mill sources of news out of scores of sources. It does have potential to be unique with the right mindset. Instead, the current trajectory shows that a less risky/cheaper ambition to produce quantity over quality is preferred. 

Ah well, choices were made (but I still hope a journalist every now and then goes beyond that level of superficiality).


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Which profession do the children see every day. Teachers.  WOW.

Ask most what their father or mother does, and the majority would give you a blank look.

Would add a smiley emotion but it seems to not be working today, or yesterday or the day before that etc.

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Not only that, but 60% of the youngsters said they thought Children’s Day activities should have a strong moral or ethical content.

And who is going to organize that... and what set of rules and definitions are going to be used...

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