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Thaiger Talk Quiz #129 - Boxing in Thailand


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Quiz #129

December 26th is Boxing Day in many countries around the world, and although the day commemorates boxing up gifts rather than any pugilistic pursuits, the latter is what this latest quiz is about. What role has Thailand played in boxing over the years? Good luck folks and enjoy?







And now for the answers...








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A hopeless 1/5.
All were down to guesses, knowing nothing about sports, However, I do enjoy watching the women's doubles
(but not tennis).

On 12/19/2022 at 10:34 AM, BigHewer said:

pugilistic pursuits

I had a pug dog once, rather than a boxer.

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4/5 all guesses, missed Q1

This is the only boxing related activity practised in our household:



You sit upon the toilet
With everything prepared
You're feeling quite excited but
A little bloody scared!

That huge amount of Christmas nosh
Has turned into a log
And now the fateful time has come
To flush it down the bog!

But first you must expel the beast
And so you start to strain,
You bite down on a piece of wood
To take away the pain.

But oh my god, its bloody huge
It's like you're giving birth!
You sweat and push and swear and shake
and strain for all your worth.

And then that magic moment comes,
That fills your soul with cheer,
A turd the size of King Kongs arm
Emerges from your rear.

And like a bomb it hits the pan
Thus lightening your mood,
And making room inside your guts
For lots more Christmas food!

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