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Update on Humanity; IBS, Evolution and Cyborg Stuff


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Humanity is such a funny species; we are capable of greatness and evil, love and indifference, change and stoicism, flashes of pure genius and 'Hold my Beer', all at the same time. And, in our modern age, it is impossible to keep up with it all, but...

Like most members, I have been kicking around Asia for much of my life and there is one thing that we all share; every once and a while we get the shits. Unfortunately, I have spent a great deal of my life in rural Asia where it is more common, thus have lost most inhibitions about discussing the matter. Put another way, I have (literally) said to people that I didn't really know at cocktail parties stuff like "Diarrhea? Is it soupy? Chunky? Do you piss out your butt?".

Sadly for some, although thankfully not me, some people have Irritable Bowel Syndrome or IBS, and I came across a fascinating article which suggests that IBS may actually be caused by gravity, or more specifically the body's reaction to gravity.

"There's an invisible and relentless force acting on your bowels right now, and it might be causing some people serious irritation.

No one really knows how or why irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) develops, but gastroenterologist Brennan Spiegel from Cedars-Sinai hospital in Los Angeles has outlined a weighty new hypothesis.

In a paper published in The American Journal of Gastroenterology, Spiegel argues IBS is triggered by the body's inability to manage gravity." (link below)

I have lived and worked in so many different places that I actually feel sorry for any bug that tries to make me sick, but if you suffer from IBS, perhaps it is time to have a look at your gravity field interactions.




The second issue that caught my eye focused on Evolution, more specifically that we humans are evolving at a faster rate than any time in the last 250 years AND that we are evolving an extra artery in our arms.

"The prevalence was around 10 per cent in people born in the mid-1880s compared to 30 per cent in those born in the late 20th Century, so that’s a significant increase in a fairly short period of time, when it comes to evolution,” she said."

What exactly does this mean? I am still not really sure. However, the article also notes that fewer and fewer babies are being born with Wisdom Teeth. What exactly does that mean? I am not sure about that one either, but it allows for a good segue into the last points.

First, some reading...



The third glimpse into ever-changing humanity begins with ol' Elon. No, not the breaking of Twitter, but a progress report on 'Brain Chips' that will be implanted into some in order to promote functionality of the body, especially for the disabled.

"Musk said two of the company’s applications will aim to restore vision, even for people who were born blind, and a third application will focus on the motor cortex, restoring “full body functionality” for people with severed spinal cords.

The announcements should be treated with some skepticism, say experts."

Will Musk's 'Brain Chips' work? I ain't holding my breath, but I am pleased that it'll foster thousands of conspiracy theories about the government (or worse, the US Democratic Party) exercising mind control.


Finally, where does all this lead? 

"Most species are transitory. They go extinct, branch into new species or change over time due to random mutations and environmental shifts. A typical mammalian species can be expected to exist for a million years. Modern humans, Homo sapiens, have been around for roughly 300,000 years. So what will happen if we make it to a million years?"

The Conversation website has an interesting article looking at what might occur; the short version is that 'Pure' humans will be in one category, while 'Enhanced' humans in another, while other categories may well spring up too.

Which group would you want to be in?


Okay, that's it for Humanity for now.

Time to evolve into a strong G&T



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16 hours ago, Shade_Wilder said:

I have (literally) said to people that I didn't really know at cocktail parties stuff like "Diarrhea? Is it soupy? Chunky? Do you piss out your butt?".

Just struck you off my Xmas party list! 🎅

The way humanity is evolving I doubt we'd last more than another 100 years let alone 1 million unless a catastrophic event occurs and it's looking quite likely.  Mother Nature may strike anytime soon (within the next 100 years).

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