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News Forum - What are US midterm elections?


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US midterm elections are elections held during the middle of a president’s four-year term in office (so two years into their term). These elections are held on the Tuesday after the first Monday of November.  During midterms, all 435 seats in the US House of Representatives are up for election. This year, 35 out of the 100 senate seats are up for election. Thirty-six states and three territories will also elect their governors for four-year terms during midterm elections.  This year, almost 250 million people in the US are eligible to vote in midterm elections.  Republicans currently hold 50 seats […]

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11 hours ago, LuckyStrike said:

Sadly true.

Well it doesn't look like it will be the Red Tsunami so many wingnuts were bragging about 


Dems will likely still lose the house and even maybe the Senate, although I think they will hold on


If Georgia goes to a run-off, Walker won't win.

He was carried by the Kemp vote tonight 


And I think more important is a lot of the more extreme MAGA Republicans did not win


As a Democrat I'm fine with the Republicans winning the House by a small margin without electing a lot of the MAGA crazily scum


Hopefully Democrats look at crime and some of the over-the-top w*keness issues 

I don't count inflation. The whole world is experiencing inflation 


It looks like a very good outcome for Democrats in a historical sense of midterm elections 


And Biden will once again outperform all the recent past Presidents in the midterms 

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One other thing 


With how well DeSantis has done


Republicans are insane to choose Trump over him


Trump is losing massive steam nationally 


DeSantis would have a huge chance of winning in 2024



While Trump is once again spreading election lies all night 

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