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Pattaya parents want reduced or waived tuition fees


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We have tried as much as we can to work with our parents Pattaya school closures are making Pattaya parents want tuition fees to be reduced or waived. Reportedly, more and more Pattaya area parents have been complaining about the educational fees staying the same as their children remain learning from home. It should be noted that parents whose children go to the Sawang Boriboon Wittaya School had “normal classes” reduced to 1,500 baht and 3,000 baht for international classes, says school staff. The staff did not mention what price they were reduced from. Thai media reports that parents have […]

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Put me on the side of the parents being wrong.

A discount could be granted, as the physical school is not operating, so things like electricity, water, canteen, etc. Should be reduced from the parents' bill.

The school didn't make the decision to hold classes online, the pandemic forced this decision.

Teachers still work and need to be paid, administration still work and need to be paid.

I've seen this in other, pricier schools, that parents are using this as an excuse to not pay their full tuition agreements.  I think it shows the cheap and petty nature of the parents who do this.

Their children are still being taught, though the method may be different, and their child - depending on his/her ability - might not get the same level of education as before, but they are getting the same level of education as every other student.

Parents should be ashamed of asking for anything beyond the discount from the physical plant not operating.

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19 minutes ago, TobyAndrews said:

Forgive me for my innocence, but is Thai school education not free?

The public schools teach almost nothing. The majority of Thai teachers are shockingly bad. Positions of authority (principle, vice-principal etc) are purchased rather than earned on merit.

The paid schools are not much better, but you scrape together the outrageous fees if you want to give your kid half a chance in life.

The whole thing is a massive waste of time, as are almost all Thai universities. 


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Discount? School should be free for every child and in every school. At least till the end of the secondary school. And so should be health care for children. 

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