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News Forum - Superstitious Thai woman has not cut her hair for 10 years


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A 50 year old Thai woman revealed she has not cut her hair for more than 10 years because she is scared of evil spirits. Residents in the woman’s community, meanwhile, believe her hair is special, can prevent bad luck, and keep people safe from danger. Several Thai media platforms reported the unusual story of the 50 year old woman, Natcha Thong-iab, who lives in the southern province of Trang, and has hair measuring 1.17 metres. Natcha’s story is reminiscent of the biblical tale of Samson in some ways. The Israelite warrior was renowned for his prodigious strength, which derived […]

The story Superstitious Thai woman has not cut her hair for 10 years as seen on Thaiger News.

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So what?  My g/f has lovely long hair and, apart from trimming split ends on rare occasions,  has not cut hers for around 7 years, why, because it looks great, nothing to do with superstition. 

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1 hour ago, Thaiger said:


Natcha revealed that she dreamt about an old man one night who informed her that her hair was special. The man urged Natcha to try shooting the hair with a gun. He assured her that the bullet would not come out of the barrel.

Natcha awoke the following morning and tried it.


Mind-boggling at every paragraph. Not just the quoted bit; it was merely picked because it links to something topical (also transient, but never mind that): gun owners are supposedly (about to be) required to pass a mental fitness examination every couple of years.

This question should be added to the form (the one that the new requirements will dwindle down to): "did you ever awake with the inclination to shoot your hair?".

PS: the awkward use of "awoke" (in the quoted bit) and "awake" in the post is due to the automatic moderator which doesn't known there's such a thing as context in which certain words are perfectly fine to use.

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