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How to verify income for marriage visa


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On 11/13/2023 at 11:20 AM, TLP said:

This is the correct advice here. Using the income method is almost not possible for the first time around. Use there deposit method the first time. if you have trouble, reach out to an agent. we can help. DM me.

Exactly…. just use an agent. My friend announced triumphantly he just did his 90 day report in person after (smartly) waving a “ 90 “ sign to jump the line. My agent does all that shyte for 500 baht while I stay at home. 
Friend also proudly does his annual retirement visa ( sorry, “ permit to stay”) himself as using an agent is “ expensive” and illegal” ( corrupt). Yeah right…. like the whole immy system isn’t designed by agents, for agents, and dirty from top to bottom ( outside the consulate method).Like the whole society & culture here.

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I read somewhere that if a foreign woman is married to a Thai man, financial requirements needs to come from the male, e.g income docs or bank account but I'm unsure cos I can't find any other article or source abt it. My Thai boyfriend and I been together for a while and I'm just on tourist visa whenever I visit or do border runs and get another extension. We've been thinking to get married so I can stay longer here and stop wasting money on border runs. But I don't have 40000 baht income or 400000 baht in the bank. Can anyone clarify this?

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Hi I hope someone can clarify things for me. 

So I've been with my Thai bf for a while and we are thinking of getting married so I can stay here longer and not waste money on border runs anymore. We are both in our early 30's so we don't really have a lot in our savings and my income is just around 37000 baht a month. We can for sure have more than 40000 baht/ month if we combine our income. But the financial requirements is solely for foreign man so I doubt we can combine our income. Also, I read somewhere that financial requirements does not apply to foreign woman when married to a Thai man. They just need to show Thai man's proof of income and home registry but that article is old and I can't find it now. Can someone clarify this? Thank you!

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