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South Korea launches Sandboxesque reopening


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Vaccinated travellers can avoid 14-day quarantines as long as they have proof of World Health Organisation-approved vaccination, a negative Covid-19 test, are not travelling from a high-risk country, and get advance approval before travelling. Wait, wait! Before you click away, this isn’t yet another Phuket Sandbox story; this is the strikingly similar reopening plan enacted by South Korea that also launched on July 1. Much like Phuket’s Sandbox, the Korean plan – shall we call it the Seoul K-Box? – is meant to ease the country back into international travel by relaxing restrictions for fully vaccinated travellers following much of […]

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4 hours ago, Thaiger said:

But unlike Thailand’s efforts, the aim is less to jumpstart international tourism and more to encourage continued mass vaccination and to allow in those with a compelling need to travel.

So, unlike Thailand's efforts, it may actually be a success .....

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I haven’t seen the details and I’m assuming The Thaiger has? However I think it’s wrong to indicate South Korea is following Phuket’s lead !! Surely a provocative statement, and so, I’m provoked! 

Do they require you to have a COE?

Do they Require $100,000 Covid insurance?

Will you be tested on arrival and twice thereafter before travelling anywhere in the country? 

Is this a small island off SK such as Jeju or the mainland? 

Will you need to install two tracking apps on your phone?

Will you need to stay in a special SHA+ hotel? 

Following Phuket’s lead. Knock it off guys!!

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