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News Forum - Indian tourist in Pattaya reportedly missing over US$6,000


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An Indian tourist in Pattaya is reportedly missing over US$6,000 after staying at a hotel in the city for just two days, The Pattaya News reported yesterday.  The man, 45 year old Vivek Singhal, told Pattaya officials that he had arrived at his hotel on October 5. He said that on October 7, he realised that US$6,600 that he had left in his hotel’s electronic safe box was gone. The money is equivalent to about 250,000 baht.  Vivek filed a complaint to Pattaya City police on Saturday, October 8. Police at first reportedly had some doubts about Vivek’s report, since […]

The story Indian tourist in Pattaya reportedly missing over US$6,000 as seen on Thaiger News.

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Something is very difficult to believe. May be the investigating officer has to scrutinize his travel insurance policy for some clues....

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Reminds me of the rash of hotel safe cracking. Once the culprits were caught they confessed their skills were learned from the TV  show "MacGyver". They would blow power on the keypads to reveal 4 numbers with 24 possibilities. The plan required the keypads to be clean before the guest created the combination so its likely the maid was complicit. 

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How many more Indian tourists are going to lose gold chains, watches and cash? I may be wrong, but it feels like every week someone is in the news for losing large amounts of money or valuables. Must be very unlucky or very careless 🤔

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Some of these hotel safes are spectacularly easy to open. The thief usually has the tools about his person and is free to open the safe with a lighter, a can of beer or even a potato !!



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Hotel safes have a default code used by management staff and a savvy wannabe thief will know the likely combinations.

Better to hide your stash above a robe or under the bed, somewhere dusty the housemaid can't reach or never cleans.


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