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Indonesia football stampede: At least 174 people dead after violence at match


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More than 170 people have been killed after violence erupted at a football match in Indonesia.

Police said at least 174 were dead. Children and police officers are understood to be among those trampled to death.

Police said people were killed when angry fans invaded the football pitch after a match at Kanjuruhan Stadium in Malang, East Java, late on Saturday.

Authorities said the violence stemmed from clashes between supporters of two Indonesian football teams.

Fighting between supporters of the two rival teams were reported inside the stadium after the Indonesian Premier League game ended with Persebaya Surabaya beating Arema Malang 3-2.

"In the incident, 127 people died, two of whom are police officers," East Java police chief Nico Afinta said in a statement on Sunday. The number of deaths continued to climb following his statement.

A policeman sets up a cordon next to a torched vehicle outside Kanjuruhan stadium in Malang - PUTRI/AFP
A policeman sets up a cordon next to a torched vehicle outside Kanjuruhan stadium in Malang - PUTRI/AFP

"Thirty-four people died inside the stadium and the rest died in hospital."

Mr Afinta said the fights prompted riot police to fire tear gas, which caused panic among supporters.


Hundreds of people ran to an exit gate in an effort to avoid the tear gas. Some suffocated in the chaos and others were trampled, killing 34 almost instantly.

The violence erupted as supporters of both teams clashed - AP Photo/Yudha Prabowo
The violence erupted as supporters of both teams clashed - AP Photo/Yudha Prabowo

More than 300 people were rushed to nearby hospitals to treat injuries but many died on the way or during treatment, Mr Afinta said.

He said the death toll would likely still increase, since the condition of many of about 180 injured people was deteriorating.

Joko Widodo, Indonesia's president, has ordered the country's football association to stop Liga 1 matches until an investigation into the incident has wrapped up.

He said the country's sports and youth minister, national police chief and Indonesian football association chief were ordered "to conduct a thorough evaluation of football matches and the security procedures".

It comes as Indonesia's chief security minister said the football stadium where the deadly riot occurred was filled beyond capacity.

Thousands of disappointed supporters of Arema, known as Aremania, reacted to their team's loss by throwing bottles and other objects at players and soccer officials, Associated Press reported: "Fans flooded the Kanjuruhan Stadium pitch in protest and demanded that Arema management explain why, after 23 years of undefeated home games, this match ended in a loss, witnesses said.

"The rioting spread outside the stadium where at least five police vehicles were toppled and set ablaze amid the chaos. Riot police responded by firing tear gas – which is banned at soccer stadiums by FIFA – that caused panic among the crowd."




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An absolute tragedy, and should’ve gotten more coverage in the media. 

I’ve spent a lot of time in Indonesia and as a football fan, I’ve wanted to go to a game, but my wife has always put her foot down due to the violent atmosphere. I always thought she was overreacting, but…

I actually bought a Persebaya team hoodie when I was at Bromo a few years ago - it gets chilly up there - but I was expressly forbidden from wearing it once I got down from the mountain. 

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I see that the official blame falls on the police. 

Obviously nothing to do with the brain dead "fans" who invaded the pitch, the inadequate exits or the alleged over capacity in the stadium. 

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