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News Forum - Loan shark bombs debtor’s house in southern Thailand


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A loan shark allegedly threw a deadly military-grade grenade at a woman’s house in Phattalung province, southern Thailand, after she failed to meet repayments. At 2pm yesterday, police were called to a house in Mueang district after a gardener discovered an explosive device in the grass. Police evacuated neighbours and called Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) officers to the scene. EOD officers identified the bomb as a deadly M67 grenade used by the US military. Whoever threw the grenade intended for it to explode, because it had already been detonated. However, for some reason, the grenade failed to go off. No […]

The story Loan shark bombs debtor’s house in southern Thailand as seen on Thaiger News.

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8 hours ago, Prosaap said:

Borrow first then complain you can not pay back 

you know the risk lose money gambling then borrow and blame the shark he want money back 

No where in the article does it say the borrower was in debt due to gambling. These loan sharks are predatory criminals and a big problem in THA. No one deserves a grenade tossed into their home. 

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True nobody deserve to blown a way and they didnt blown away it was a warning 

they only exist because people use them they borrow way to easy many even know they can not pay back 

the gambling comment was a bit harsh and not proven i go wrong there

You know when you borrow you have to pay back even to loansharks 

loansharks are only a problem when you use them

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